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Workers Compensation

Many accidents are caused by defective equipment, inadequate safety regulations, poor management or supervision, and the negligence of either the employer or another entity. But their negligence does not matter. So long as the injury was caused by an accident in a work-related activity you are covered by the Illinois Workers Compensation Act and are eligible to receive compensation.

If you have an accident, it is important to protect your right to compensation for damages, regardless of your immigration status.

Take the following steps if you have a work-related accident:

  • Report the accident immediately
  • Get medical treatment
  • Call us immediately

You are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Medical treatment with the doctors of your choice
  • Temporary benefits if you are disabled by a doctor’s order
  • Compensation for your injuries once you finish medical treatment

Even if you are receiving compensation from your employer for an accident, you can and should file a claim for compensation for your damages with the Workers’ Compensation Commission. Your claim may include other companies that directly or indirectly contributed to the accident.