Jauregui & Associates is the realized dream of a once 15-year-old immigrant from Teocaltiche, Jalisco, Mexico

Arturo Jauregui worked all types of jobs to get himself through school, until spending a large part of the 1970s as a paralegal providing immigration services in the Pilsen community. After law school, he returned to Chicago to continue providing legal services and rejoined the fight for civil rights.

He served as Regional Counsel at the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF) and spent 10 years fighting for the civil rights of Latinos. As a young attorney, Arturo argued a bilingual education case before the th Circuit Federal Court, which resulted in federal guidelines establishing bilingual education in Illinois. In 1990, he was the lead attorney and architect in a federal voting rights case which resulted in the creation of the first Latino U.S. congressional district in the Midwest. Arturo also testified before the U.S. Congress in support of fair immigration laws.

In 1995, Arturo brought to life, Jauregui & Associates. Since then, they have won many multi-million dollar settlements in favor of plaintiffs.

In 1998, Arturo joined forces with Edward J. Santiago. For almost three decades, the firm has served as a preeminent provider of personal injury legal services as well as a conduit to other legal services.

In 2015, Pilsen Law Center, along with La Luz Gallery opened for business. Arturo Jauregui and Eddie Santiago continue their devotion to fighting for the rights of their clients.

Pilsen Law Center embraces the art of the Pilsen community by exhibiting breathtaking artwork in La Luz Gallery.

Over the years, Arturo’s level of enthusiasm, dedication, and nuanced perspective of the law and his dedication to the community has influenced a younger generation of attorneys, and he continues to do so right in the heart of Pilsen.