Pilsen Law Center Attorneys demand that the City of New Orleans and the Companies involved in the construction of the Hard Rock Hotel take immediate action to recover the body of Jose de Jesus Ponce, who was killed when the building suddenly collapsed on October 12, 2019.

After the building collapsed the bodies of two workers were believed to be buried underneath tons of cement, metal and other debris. The body of one of those workers is of decedent Jose Ponce.

The disturbing images of the legs of one of the workers hanging from the edge of the building have exacerbated the Ponce’s family’s grief. The Ponce family has been very patient waiting for the return of Jose’s body. “Four months of waiting is long enough; it is time for the City of New Orleans to step up to the plate, hold the construction companies accountable, and fulfill the promise of making the recovery of
the bodies a priority,” stated Arturo Jauregui, one of the Pilsen Law Center Attorneys who represents the family in a civil action.

Sergio Ponce, one of Jose’s brothers said that, “both the City and the Companies involved in this project are being irresponsible to the families of the victims. I felt very bad when I saw pictures of the legs of one of the bodies of the workers hanging from the building, and I asked God that we soon have the body of my brother so our family can finally put him to rest.”

Mario Ponce, another brother of Jose is not happy with how the parties are handling this matter. He states, “I am upset and sad that they have not been able to recover my brother’s body. I want the City of New Orleans, and the companies involved, to put themselves in the place of the victims’ families so they understand what we are going through. I want them to make the recovery of my brother’s body a priority.”

To date, more than 18 lawsuits have been filed in New Orleans against the owners of the building and the construction companies involved in the project.

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  • Paul Carroll says:

    Good luck in getting a nickel out of the city of New Orleans in civil court, New Orleans doesn’t pay Louisiana Court judgments. Sue them in federal court and you can auction off that dump called city hall.

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