Edward J. Santiago and Arturo Jauregui of the Pilsen Law Center secured the policy limits of $3,000,000.00 from the owner and operator of a private school bus that severely injured one of their clients.

On November 1, 2017, the plaintiff, a 20-year-old theatre student at the UIC was severely injured when she was trampled by a private school bus as she walked in the cross-walk with a green light across Halsted Street at the intersection of Halsted and Harrison Street in Chicago, Illinois. The plaintiff remembered that one of the bus wheels actually rolled over her midsection after she was knocked down and began to tumble underneath the bus. A UIC police officer who witnessed the incident came to comfort the plaintiff as she lay on the cold wet street writhing in pain. The plaintiff was later transported to Stroger Hospital where she remained in the critical care unit for 22 days. Her injuries included a lacerated liver and pancreas and severe injuries to her abdominal area all of which required multiple exploratory laparotomies and surgical repair. She was later hospitalized for injuries to her hepatobiliary system and a common bile duct obstruction caused by the initial abdominal trauma and will require additional corrective surgery.

Despite the damning facts in the case, the case was hard-fought and took over two years to litigate and resolve. In the end, there was no doubt that the case value far surpassed the policy limits and exposed the defendant to an enormous risk of an excess verdict. Her attorney, Edward Santiago stated, “We are glad that the case has been resolved giving this talented young lady some security as she closes this terrible episode in her life.” Added Arturo Jauregui, the Managing Partner, “The case took a long time to resolve due in part to the ongoing unexpected medical sequelae related to her biliary system that required ongoing medical intervention.”



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